Presentation – What Inspectors Need to Know About Mold & Asbestos

Asbestos & Mold for Home Inspectors 101

NorHaz conducted a presentation for the Annual HIABC Spring Conference & Tradeshow in Kelowna, BC on the general issues and challenges presented when inspecting homes for asbestos and mold. After overwhelming positive feedback from the live presentation, we have decided to offer this presentation to our network of home inspectors across the province and country.

Information in the Presentation:

  • Debunking the myths of these toxic pathogens
  • How WorkSafeBC articulates each parties responsibility with hazardous materials
  • Commonly found asbestos building materials and where asbestos may be located in the home
  • Classifying the level of mold contamination within homes and how to remediate each
  • What are the WorkSafeBC repercussions of neglecting/ignoring mold or asbestos contamination

What Home Inspectors Need to Know About Mold & Asbestos (May 5, 2017)