Complying with Asbestos Abatement


Many homes built up until 1990 used products containing asbestos. Before you begin renovations or start demolishing an older home, WorkSafeBC requires following these guidelines to ensure the safe detection & removal of asbestos.

Are you planning to renovate or demolish a property built before 1990? Ensuring asbestos abatement compliance is crucial for safety and legal reasons. Follow these ten essential steps to navigate the process smoothly and protect your health and the environment.

10 Steps to
Asbestos Abatement



A pre-1990 house/building is to be demolished or renovated.


A pre-1990 house/building is to be demolished or renovated.


The qualified person inspects the house/building, collects representative bulk samples, and has the samples analyzed by a qualified laboratory.


The qualified person prepares a report that identifies all inspection results (including drawings, plans, or specifications), risk assessment, and scope of work for the abatement of the asbestos.


The report containing the inspection results is provided to the owner/employer. The inspection results must be available at the worksite whenever workers are on site.


The owner or employer retains trained asbestos abatement workers. A notice of project (NOP) with written work procedures is submitted to WorkSafeBC before commencement of asbestos removal work.


Safe removal and disposal of identified asbestos occurs.


After the asbestos removal the owner or employer receives written confirmation that the asbestos specified for removal on the NOP has been removed. A copy of the inspection results is on site.


The owner authorizes demolition of the house/building to proceed. The demolition employer proceeds to demolish house using safe work procedures. Copies of inspection results and post-abatement reports are on site.


If any asbestos is found during demolition, all work is to cease until a risk assessment is done and the asbestos is safely contained or removed. In this case, go back to step 7.

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Conducting a 

Visual Inspection

Asbestos becomes harmful when the materials containing asbestos are disturbed. However, some property owners have the knowledge and experience to conduct a visual inspection around their property to check for asbestos. To conduct a basic visual inspection for asbestos in your home, download our printable DIY Inspection Diagram (10MB PDF) that includes the potential location(s) and appearance of the threatening materials around your house.
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